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3 more sleeps!

Sorry girls - had to be said...

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Spoke to Robyn last night. She'd just borrowed the travel scales to weigh her case after a 'practice pack'. Although she thought she'd packed light she was surprised to see she was already over the allocated 20KG. Ray suggested she remove her toiletries and weigh again.... Amazingly the 2nd weigh in was 4KGs lighter!

Then drove Clare to work this morning, she was worried about her Coccyx. A 3 hours 'practice sit' at her hairdressers the other night has told her she's not going to survive a 24 hour flight without some kind of cushioning.... She was talking about blow up rings and stuff and I, not really concentrating, trying to drive offered, "have you thought of bubble wrap?", Once I said it I laughed till I cried with images of Clare letting off amazing noises every time she shifted in her chair. I think it's possible that this may become one of my favourite images of the holiday and it's not even real and we haven't even gone yet! Lisa

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The day we decided to go...

I didn't look too happy about it did I!

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The day we decided to go

The day we decided to go

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Hi I am number three

please allow me to introduce myself

Hi I am Clare,

I don't know why I am going with these girls (I love you all really)! I want the front seat of the car, trying to work out how I can get myself upgraded to business or first class (I'm not worried about the others) and would love my own bed (don't wanna share) but I know we will have to rotate! I am ready to leave now, my bags aren't packed but I am ready to go! My last count for shoes I am taking is up to five pairs....what am I thinking! I am built for comfort and wan't to wear hot shoes but I know I need to be sensible about this and take comfortable orthopaedic type nana shoes but I don't think I will.

My beautiful family I will leave behind my gorgeous man Nick, my adorable 21 year old son Nicholas, my 18 year old lovely daughter Natalie, sox our cat and puppy Lucy! Will miss you! But Mummy has to go and have fun now that you are all grown up!

I think I shall nominate myself as the roving food critic of our contingent and will test the abilities of the countries we are visiting to understand the needs of a coeliac I have printed up coeliac friendly cards in french, italian and greek (I will manage the english)...........

Let me know who's entries you enjoy the most (not a competition) those of you who know me understand me and my thinking..

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11 days to go but who's counting ???

Eurogirls - get your hair coloured, your legs waxed your money changed and your bags packed !!

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Not long now -
I can almost smell the aviation fuel in my
soon to be elevated nostrils -

I love the smell of croissants in the morning !

Only a week out and we're all so busy that we
Haven't even had time to touch base with all the others-
Geeez, I hope they're all still coming - (guys???)
Mahony has even had time to fit in moving house with
4 kids, a dog ,Rob( sorry to out you after the pooch Rob),
hold down a job, travel to Wodonga for a wedding and
continue with travel arrangements -
Clare and Robyn(4seasons garden design) have been busy with family goodbye dinners
Lisa is madly trying to load work info onto my netbook
( bound to be work issues back home during our trip) and I've
Just launched my white album-
oops, I mean my latest songwriting venture
a definitive history of australia in original song
'Unsung Heroes of Australian history' and can you believe just before
I leave we're getting lots of interest -Australia wide!
Ain't it always the way?!! I'll leave it all in the trusty hands
of my UHAH collegues-nothing they can't handle in my absence-
Hey, wanna hear about our trip ??
Keep checking this space -
Moy x

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Getting a little nervous and excited !

hello I'm Moy- one of the 5 Eurogirls- Lisa (who started this blog-cheers Lisa) Clare, Robyn and Mahony....you'll hear from them once we kick off

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Yep, its hard to believe that its only 2 weeks away and the crew are all frantically busy tending to last minute details....well, actually we're all busy doing our normal stuff- work, kids and general domestic engineering.
I guess the few days before we'll get our bums into gear and seriously think about packing this elusive bag- 20kgs.....mmmmhhhh- could be interesting and having never travelled internationally- this could be a very interesting experience for me personally! As for my family,well my youngest daughter(18) is just realising that a few recipes mightn't go astray! not sure she'd be happy with a mixed grill for 7 weeks!
Still, what a wonderful experience for them as well-( well, thats what we tell them anyway!)
I reckon we're ready for Europe...but the question is...Is Europe ready for us? Moy.

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