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First few days!!

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Day 2
Well, hello again and here we are on day 2 of this Euro extravaganza!
Some of you may have noticed that our communication is a bit sparse-
Well, fairly none existent really with no end to issues of mobile phone UK sim cards
and internet non-connection. Message here to anyone travelling….getting a UK
sim looks like a cheaper solution…but for the 5 of us…Global sim cards have been
a real pain in the bum! Overcharging heaps for what we thought was a 15c call
rate….ha! what a joke! Heidi and Tony beware
Anyway, enough of that…..
Seriously this is an amazing experience for all of us and for all you disbelievers
out there, we are all getting on famously….having heaps of laughs and seeing
some absolutely incredible things.
So Day 2 took us for a leisurely drive through
North Wales(Tim Knott territory) where we visited Holywell and the well of St Winifred-
It’s the ‘Lourdes of Wales’ and has been the place of pilgrimage for about 1200 years…and some graffiti we noticed dated 1610…quite an incredible place and most peaceful.From there we drove around the coast through various little towns with huge names with no vowels…(the welsh language is indeed a strange beast)
We got to Conwy , a beautiful little seaside town with an enormously imposing castle ruin..and we got our first castle experience! Bloody high they are…and would’ve been soooo cold! But fantastic all the same.
Coming from Australia with such a baby history of 200 or so years….here in the UK 200 years is considered positively modern!
We grabbed a quick lunch of fish and chips…and a pie floater(!pity about the close quarters!) and got on the road.
After our castle walk we moved onto Bodnant Gardens where Robyn was in 7th heaven. As its springtime here at the moment and we are treated with roadside daffodils and bluebells everywhere..the likes I’ve never seen before.
Bodnant gardens is a National Trust Gardens
and hosts a plethora of beautiful plantlife. We had a lovely afternoon strolling the grounds with Robyn relishing every minute plant detail…and the rest of us taking some interesting photographic angles to challenge our photographic skills!
After a fairly hefty 2 hour drive home Viv baked us a beautiful salmon with all the trimmings and a Strawberry Elizabeth…very yummy and very spoilt we’ve been.
That night Lisa arranged to meet a few of her local friends and cousins around at the Royal Oak…their local and very homely little pub where all the locals were packed in watching football on the TV…?mon night and all.

On Tues morning lisa had very kindly arranged with Anne ( Tim Knotts mum ) to meet us at Llangollen ( a typical Welsh village on the River Dee ) where stands an enormous hill overlooking the valley. Absolutely, picture perfect it is…and an ancient Castelle Dinas Bran (a castle ruin) stands right on top of this enormously high hill. Being a little Welsh mountain pony herself..Anne led us up the hill ..God, how fit is she? very steep with a few bemused Welsh sheep laughing at the 5 of us trudge up this very steep incline..but worth every step with magnificent views and incredible history of this amazing place.
It was equally as hairy coming down and we were all very proud of our efforts that day!
Sadly, I was walking back to the car and fell over some gravel on the road and rolling my ankle and my whole self arse over the proverbial!….shheeshhh, go figure! Mahony fell about laughing and such is the sympathy one gets from friends!
Anne also showed us around the area to a few other sites…an old aquaduct still functioning canal boats around the area..so pretty.
We visited the horseshoe pass up at the highest point in the area- slate is quarried there and has been for 100s of years. Morning tea at the Ponderosa(!) and back down to Llangollen…try pronouncing that with a guttural ‘ch’sound and glottal sounds…still
Cant do it..
After a bit of local shopping in the village we had a lovely dinner at the Corn Mill restaurant with Anne, Viv and Anne( try and work that one out!..well, Tims mum and Lisas parents!)
So lovely of Anne to spend the day with us…we had a ball!
Wednesday was out last day in Chester so thought we’d do a quiet one and wander around shopping and checking out more of the local sights.
Gotta love Marks and Spencers…don’t worry boys…we cant get too much! Our luggage is already borderline weighted@!
Mahony and I did a river Dee cruise…very quaint and saw some incredible homes along the way!
Roast duck with orange sauce was on the menu for tea..thanks to Ann( boy, she really knows how to spoil us!) We had such a lovely time with them, we are a bit sad to say goodbye to Hamilton Court Hotel!....and to Alex, our favourite breakfast waitress/cook!

Thursday morning we picked up our hire car( Vauxhall Zafira) and packed our gear like sardines….and off we headed south to Bath.

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Greetings from Chester UK and Wales- We're here!!!

aka- as Mahony said leaving Manchester airport- "this is just like England!"- Lisas dad,Viv, was highly amused

sunny 24 °C
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Oh my God, we finally got here!! 14 hours to Abu Dabhi- delayed at the airport in the desert
for an unexpected 3 hour delay.....then back on board for 9 hours to Manchester.

What an unbelievable greenness! and impossible beauty as Clare put it-
Viv and Anne ( Lisas parents at Hamilton Crt Hotel ) are incredible hosts and have
spoilt us with the most wonderful British hospitality-
Hamilton Court is beautiful B and B withing walking distance of Chester city-
a city of incredible history and beauty-

Day 1-

Starting with the perfect English breakfast in Ann and Vivs dining room-
then we all went around to Aunty Joans(Lisas aunt)- famous sunday morning tea-
We all fell in love with Soda bread and homemade wild strawberry jam!-(cheers Ann!)
held for all family and friends- sunny morning with the Uk experiencing
its hottest day in a year! bit like a Melbourne autumn day really-

we had a fantastic day wandering around the city of Chester and
walked the Roman Wall that surrounds the city...quite a hike for 5 jetlagged
middle-aged eurogirlies!
Warm day with sunburnt locals all over the place-
We walked around the Cathedral.....wandered the famous rows(undercover
veranda shopping areas 1st floor up-) abd visited our first English pub
at Boots- typical low ceilings and huge pints for all punters-

Ann baked us a full salmon with all the trimmings....yummy it was too!
and we all fell exhausted,jetlagged overwhelmed and very much looking forward to day 2-
soon to be posted!
cheers to all

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First day walk


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April 8th is today- up,up and awaaaaaayyyyyy!

Look out Europe, here we come!

sunny 26 °C

Well, before you read any further and get confused as to who is venturing on
this incredible Womens Weekly World Discovery Tour.....
let us introduce ourselves- some photos will be posted shortly to keep the

Lisa J- Tour captain and chief spreadsheet organizer-
10/10 for keeping the rest of us on track.
Mother to Amber and Jack- and wife of Bill
quote of the day" my work here is done!"

Clare S- trojaning on through a hefty virus so
hope she doesn`t complain when I put a bucket
on her head in the plane!
Mother to Nick and Nat....wife of Nichee( cant spell!)
quote of the day- " I want to be upgraded, now!"

Robyn F- garden design supremo with a penchant
for all things to come out of Vogue magazine.
Mother to Alex- wife of Ray
quote of the day-
" there will be no wearing of shorts in Paris"

Mahony W(aka Bern)- Tiger supporter who would like to
wear shorts in Paris- (ha, this'll be fun! )
Mother to Jack, George, Estelle and Freya
wife of Rob
quote of the day- well, a few months back actually
" Do you need a passport to go to Thailand?"

Moira T- They'll get me back for writing all this stuff!
mother to Maddy and Immy- wife of Ken
quote of the day" have I got enough medications
just in case....?" Tony Chapman thinks I`ve got enough
gear to open a MASH unit!

And here a little ode to my everlovin iphone!

Ode to my iphone

Is it wrong to love my iphone,
cos I really,really do
I know it seems unnatural
its odd- so why don’t you?

So when you`re stuck in traffic
and the gridlocks getting worse
don`t stress, just grab you iphone
from your trusty phone purse

My car blew up the other day
right up the Hume Highway
so I called the RACV who said
they`d get there straight away

So waiting in the sun
I thought I`d hear a song or two
and I google mapped my vicinity
seemed the iphone thing to do~!

A text or 2 was next on list
and checked all new emails in
with a flick of the finger
I`m in touch with the world
and my app store shop begins

What a marvellous invention
Mr Apple should be so proud
a device to control your life with
in a tiny glassy shroud

So travellings a pleasure
and to avoid a mouth of foaming
my iphone will journey to Europe
without international roaming!

So give thanks to all things iphone
Lets rejoice with singing apps
where`d I be without me mate
Still up in Wang perhaps!?

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Last minute preparations...

teaching Bill how to use the washing machine!

sunny 25 °C

You can see Bill's take on this on his blog...

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